Here are some great products I highly recommend......

Ajax Mountain in Aspen, Colorado.  Yeah, there are better mountains in the lower 48 (i.e., Jackson Hole, Vail), but when you want the most complete mix of groomed cruisers, steep bumps, great trees and gnarly dumps all pre-packaged at the foot of an old mining town that features great dining, sophisticated apres ski and truly knows how to party...this is the spot.  Visit my family's ski shops at Miller Sports Aspen or Hamilton Sports for all your ski needs.

GrubbGrabbers  This is my invention (that the folks at invention startup site did not think so inventive). I thought it could revolutionize finger foods for the times you don't want greasy nachos/spicy buffalo wing sauce/oily onion rings all over your hands. That's What Larry's Talkin' About!  (just saying!)

Ice Cream.  But not just any ice cream...Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. And not just any Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, but Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream.


Back in 1979, I was a freshman at the University of Vermont and Sen. Bernie Saunders (I-VT) was the city's Socialist Mayor.  Just off of Burlington City Hall Park (where drug dealers roamed and homeless men slept) there was an old service station (aka gas station) where young Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield created homemade ice cream using an old truck engine to stir all-natural ingredients in a bathtub-size metal vat into tasty frozen treats for stoned college kids.  Today, the pinnacle of their work can be enjoyed in a pint of Coffee Heath Bar smoking necessary!

The RazorMate is a $20 magnet that keeps your razor blades straight and new.  I have owned mine for 20 years and replace my blades on average every 3 months or so (not once a week) saving hundreds of dollars, hassles, nicks n cuts, and waste. Buy one today!  (Tell Steve that I sent you.)

Healing Earth. Simply the best lip balm you will ever use.  Smooth, long-lasting, non-waxy, moist application and with a nice fresh scent.  This is the BALM!!!

Beer.  After years of regular consumption, I've found this product to be simply amazing.  Drinking beer makes me smarter, funnier and more handsome. Beer improves my singing and dancing and makes women like me.  It also makes me stronger and more adventurous.  My favorite saying is "Hold my beer and watch this...!"  Drink beer.

Music.  This is my favorite album of all time.  "Under the Table and Dreaming," the first studio album from the Dave Matthews Band, was released on September 27, 1994. With countless hits and fan favorites, the band's inimitable composing, playing, orchestration and production on this album are simply perfect.  Dave, Stefan, LeRoi, Boyd and especially Carter were at the top of their game from the start.  Take another listen! 

Air.  Good for blowing bubbles and breathing.  I find air to be invaluable.