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  • Joey "Slate-Slinger" Tumminello (Thursday, August 16 18 04:38 pm EDT)

    Larr - you're probably the coolest cat around. KEEPING ROCKING

  • Cathleen DeMello (Thursday, August 16 18 04:34 pm EDT)

    Hi Larry! Love your site! Great content!

  • Danniella (Tuesday, May 15 18 10:28 am EDT)

    Thank you for a great website. All the best to you and good luck!

  • Michael D. (Wednesday, January 22 14 10:59 am EST)

    Larry, some great ski clips. If you're doing half the stuff up there, you ROCK. Can't wait to ski together again in Feb!!

  • Pat Reilly (Tuesday, October 15 13 03:08 pm EDT)

    I worked briefly for you dad in the "70's. He was so kind to me just starting out @ cbs. A real gentleman.

  • liz (Friday, January 18 13 07:12 pm EST)

    I love your website Larry -reminds me of you and makes me smile:-)

  • edmund o'toole (Thursday, December 27 12 06:23 pm EST)

    Tim Faselt is up here in Vermont and turning me on to this great site. Well done, Larry. You just missed our Magilla Gorilla duet! All the best,


  • Tim Faselt (Saturday, November 17 12 04:44 pm EST)

    Awesome, Larry All this stuff is right up my alley and a trip down memory lane.

  • David Adelman (Wednesday, September 26 12 09:52 pm EDT)

    A trip down memory lane and some brain teasers to boot.

  • Charlie Potters (Wednesday, September 26 12 09:31 pm EDT)

    I think this is a great site, nicely done - sepecially like the tribute to your Dad. I'll check back from time to time.

  • KJ (Friday, September 21 12 10:02 pm EDT)

    fantastical website Lars!

  • Dougie Moran (Friday, July 06 12 12:24 pm EDT)

    Great stuff Larry!
    Hope all's well for you and yours!

  • Pavel Alvarez (Monday, June 25 12 05:07 pm EDT)

    Just when I thought I knew how weird but cool you are..... You became even more weirder and ice cold. ;)

  • Mary Garcia (Thursday, May 24 12 06:14 pm EDT)


  • Laura Schneider (Sunday, April 01 12 10:44 pm EDT)

    Hi Larry,
    just reading your site now, thank you for sharing a glimpse into the life of your father: in his photo I see your warm, mirthful demeanor, the magic of the spirit that transcends, that
    also, you have, for the first time since another Miller - Ms. Miller teaching 8th or 9th grade Propaganda elective - made me smile (not unkindly) upon this advertising age, though you've left me with
    a less cynical appreciation of its art than did your namesake.
    enjoy the Spring!

  • Brian McFarland (Tuesday, February 28 12 08:38 pm EST)

    Great site Larry...impressive work sir.

  • Carolyn Skyer (Monday, February 20 12 12:05 pm EST)

    Bill, This is a wonderfull tribute to your dad. Thanks for sharing the memmories with us. My heart goes out to you and the family.

  • William and Gail Edwards (Thursday, February 16 12 08:50 am EST)

    Mrs. Miriam,Tom, Pam, Larry, Bill, Mary, Jill and family,
    Our heart felt sympathy reaches out to you during your time of loss.

    We were honored to have met Mr. Miller at Chris' wedding celebration. Our conversation was not that long but we sensed the love, admiration and respect all of you held for him. Knowing some of you
    better than others, we know his great legacy will live on through all of you.

    May the Peace and Comfort of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, keep your hearts strengthened during your time of grief.
    William & Gail Edwards

  • Eileen McDevitt (Tuesday, February 14 12 05:32 pm EST)

    So sorry for your loss. Irreplaceable and oh so special.

  • patty levey (Saturday, February 11 12 07:09 pm EST)

    Larry love your website. The page dedicated to your father is absolutely amazing. Now I know why you are so awesome!

  • Joe Hamill (Wednesday, January 04 12 05:13 pm EST)

    Larry, great stuff man.
    Happy New Year! Cheers!

  • Beth (Wednesday, January 04 12 05:10 pm EST)

    You rock Miller!

  • Rob G (Thursday, December 08 11 06:50 pm EST)

    Nicely done Sir!

  • Kyle Donovan (Thursday, December 08 11 01:01 pm EST)

    you cant ski brother

  • Larry B (Monday, December 05 11 09:59 am EST)

    i like it

  • George Shively (Wednesday, November 23 11 01:24 pm EST)

    Mills - This is most interesting, thanks for the invite. Happy Thanksgiving, Shives

  • Lance Doss (Tuesday, November 22 11 12:50 pm EST)


  • Sue Yoo (Tuesday, November 22 11 11:55 am EST)

    I love the page dedicated to your dad. He sounds like an amazing person!!!

  • Tierno (Tuesday, November 22 11 10:48 am EST)

    I loved you in "The Nutty Professor!"

  • Jayson Fugal (Saturday, November 19 11 11:27 pm EST)

    Cool website Miller, funny and quirky-just like its creator!

  • Mary Ernst (Saturday, November 19 11 08:39 pm EST)

    Great work Bro, will check back often!

  • Glen McKelvey (Saturday, November 19 11 01:39 pm EST)

    Looks great so far. Just added it to my favorites!

  • Brian Hosmer (Saturday, November 19 11 12:37 pm EST)

    Larry--young Lawrence, as it were. Really like this site (even though your photo at the top of the page is kinda freaking me out.

  • Jill Miller (Saturday, November 19 11 12:30 pm EST)

    Let the fun begin!

  • Glenn Bell (Saturday, November 19 11 12:21 pm EST)

    I think I have seen those eyes somewhere before!